Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money This Summer

Summer is a great time for teens to earn extra money. Depending on your state or jurisdiction there may be laws governing what age children/teens can be hired to work and how many hours a week.

Even so there are many choices for teens to consider – from jobs that do in fact hire young teens, to starting a business in the neighborhood. Read on for examples of suitable jobs.

Yard Services: Summer is the time of year when homeowners set about tending to all the yard maintenance needs. From clearing out garden beds in the spring to cutting the lawn in the heat of summer, there’s a lot of work to be done.  Enterprising teens can set up their own yard maintenance business to meet this local need.
If you’re not shy and able to communicate well with your neighbors, starting your own yard services business is an ideal direction for you. Create business cards and flyers, and canvass your neighbors to find out their needs and to let them know you’re available to lessen their outdoor workload and to help them enjoy their summer leisure time just a little bit more.

Computer Technical Services: Even though just about every home has a computer these days, many adults are not adept at fixing or maintaining their computer. If you’re whiz at computers you can advertise locally that you’re able to do things such as increase computer memory or check for viruses, or even clean the “hard to clean” areas of the computer.

Tip: contact local computer repair stores and see if they could use your services. You might be able to secure a great part-time job in this way.

Tutor: Summer is the time of year when many parents are seeking tutors to help their young children prepare for the next grade in the fall.

If you are a good student and enjoy communicating with younger children, you could advertise your services as a reading, spelling, math or French language tutor, to name a few options.

Camp counsellor: Summertime is of course camp time! If you enjoy the outdoors and working with kids in a teaching or guidance capacity, research some of the more established and respected summer camp programs in your area.

The good thing about working in summer camps is that not only can they be a lot of fun, but depending on how well you work out, camps will likely call you back summer after summer.

Pet-care: Since summer time is vacation and leisure time for so many people, you could generate good income offering to care for family pets while families are away visiting friends or theme parks, etc.

If it is okay with your family, you could also offer extended care for pets while clients take a longer vacation. This might be particularly attractive to your neighbors as they’d be able to leave their pet close to home.

Local Recreation and Parks Department: Some cities have vibrant recreation and parks departments that hire teens for certain jobs like library assistants, pool/arena reception desk duties or guides in municipally owned cultural centers.

Summer is a great time to earn extra money – you just have to invest some time into identifying business or job opportunities that appeal to your interests and skills.

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