Water Wells – Costs versus Savings

Water wells can be a very efficient way to save on water costs. Water wells can be very expensive to drill, but the costs will be made up within a few years. In addition to saving money, water wells also contain many more minerals than tap water, which is chemically processed.

Water wells work by pumping the water from the ground to designated points in the house. To prevent contamination, a casing is usually installed to keep rainwater and soil out of the well water. Rainwater and soil that cause contamination of the well water can pose potential health problems for all who drink it.

There are several methods to create a water well. Digging, driving and drilling are the most popular, with drilling being the most modern method used. When making the decision to drill a water well, keep the cost factor in mind. Costs for installing a water well can vary depending upon the method, time and materials involved.

A well encased with steel, for example, will be more expensive than a well encased with plastic. The benefit, however, is that steel is resistant to a lot of natural elements.

Another factor to consider is how deep the contractor will have to drill to get to the water source. While it has been stated that the better water is deeper, this is not always the case. You may discover great-tasting water at only 100 feet deep. The deeper a contractor has to dig, the more complicated equipment is required – therefore, the more expensive the venture.

While having a water well installed in your yard can be expensive, you will easily be able to recover the costs within a few years. There will be no hefty water bills from your city or town to pay as the water is readily pumped from the ground to your house.

Well water is also considered to be richer in minerals, although it may need to be softened against possible hazards such as lead. Water softening is easily done, however, and the water is ready to consume shortly thereafter.

Well water is said to be more beneficial than tap water in more ways than one. It can be very expensive to install a well; however, the costs will eventually cancel out any hefty water bills that you will incur with your city or town. This is because the water is now pumped directly to your house from the ground rather than via a municipality.

Be sure to do your research and establish a budget for your venture. Be aware of the different methods and materials used and the cost associated with each versus the savings.

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