Top Budgeting Tips on a Variable Income

When your salary varies from month to month or week to week, establishing a budget can require a little more work. In most cases monthly expenses are pretty constant, so trying to pay those expenses in full each month with an income that varies can create a challenge. There are, however, strategies that you can [...]

Frugal Summer Fun Ideas

Summer is a time for the entire family to have fun. If you are worried about budget constraints putting a damper on your summer fun, worry no more. There are many activities and places you can frequent as a family without breaking the bank. Read on to get some ideas for your summer fun. If [...]

Retirement Savings – It’s Never Too Early to Start Saving

Many people think that because of current expenses and priorities, putting money away for their future retirement isn’t something they can afford. That kind of mindset is based on an assumption that it will cost a lot to create a retirement savings account. The important thing to remember about retirement savings is that the earlier [...]

Understanding Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Revocable and irrevocable trusts have differences that can affect the way your property passes on to your loved ones upon your death or even while you are living. Revocable Trusts A Revocable Trust can also be called a Revocable Living Trust or Living Trust. Essentially a Revocable Trust is a trust that can be changed [...]

Step-by-Step Financial Planning for Young Adults

Young adulthood is for many the most exciting time of life. Between finishing school or starting full-time work and moving away from parents and into an independent lifestyle, this period of life is full of change, opportunity…and challenges. We live in a fast-paced world with strong consumerism trends that can ruin young people unaccustomed to [...]

Everyday Money Lessons for Kids

One of the best ways to teach your children good skills in appreciating and managing money is through example and daily life experiences. A good age to start teaching your children about understanding the value of money is when they are around seven years old. At this age, real-life examples can help children to understand [...]

Money Saving Strategies of the Wealthy

There’s a long-standing belief that people who have recently come into money (termed “nouveau riche”) are easily recognizable from “old money,” or people that have been wealthy for generations. What makes these nouveau riche stand out is the level to which they spend and show off all their newly acquired items – from flashy sports [...]

On versus Off Campus

Should you live on or off campus? This is a debate many students go through. Most are under the impression that it is more expensive to live on campus. However, the difference might not be as big as you think. If you are paying seven hundred dollars a month for rent, over the course of [...]

What Is Your Money Mindset?

So many people have a mindset about money that is negative. They either don’t make enough of it or believe too many people are trying to take it. This thinking probably started a long time ago when they were children. In some households children were taught it was “impolite” to talk about money. In other [...]

Easy Ways to Lower Your Cost of Living

There have been many articles and books written about ways to lead a stress-free life, and a good many of those publications suggest lowering your cost of living as a good start. For average or even high earners, lowering your cost of living is an immediate way to get more money. Also, by lowering our [...]

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